Metal Shop at the Invention Studio

Metal Shop at the Invention Studio is located in the MRDC. The tools in the Metal Shop include: a Bandsaw, Drill Press, Sheet Metal Brake, Tube Bender, Grinders, Vacuum Former, and Kiln. 

10AM to 6PM Monday to Friday
Access Notes: 
Tours of the Studio are available during our open hours or after hours by special arrangement. If you are not a member of the Georgia Tech community, some documentation with be required prior to your tour.
Contact Information: 
Clint Rinehart Mechanical Specialist Instructional Labs T: 404.894.3962
Safety and Training: 
You are welcome to be trained at anytime when the studio is open. Walk in and ask any PI for training on the various tooling. PIs can be identified by the yellow armband shown below.
Summary Description: 
Metal Shop at the Invention Studio is located in the MRDC
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