Multi-disciplinary Team wins Ideas 2 Serve Competition

Ideas 2 Serve Business Competition

Team Soular consists of Industrial Designers and a Mechanical Engineer. The non-profit organization, Amigos for Christ, gave Team Soular the opportunity to design a system that would deliver an abundance of clean water to communities in Chinandega, Nicaragua. The current system in use is not capable of completing their goal of 100 gallons of water per day per family. Collaboration with Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), allowed Team Soular to modify QuadPod, a low cost stationary solar panel racking system. The solution was to create a low-cost sun tracking system by adding large steel arcs, additional struts, water ballasts, and valves controlled by programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to the truss system (Fig. 3). By tracking the sun, Soular’s $1,600 system, Ninety, is able to add 20% more power to the current water pumps. This equates to an additional 1,200 gallons per day more than the current system and can provide clean water for 12 additional families. More importantly, this means that time Nicaraguans currently spend collecting water from distant sources can now be spent learning or earning. 

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