ID3803: Experiential Prototyping

Ergonomic Camera Studies (mockups)

Prototyping Practices for Innovation

Prototypes are typically thought of as nearly complete products or technologies which are used to conduct system, alpha, or beta testing near the end of development process. This course is designed to expand on the idea of prototyping and teaches a variety of tools as methods to inspire, contextualize, evaluate, and inform any phase of research or product development endeavor. In the context of this course, the term prototyping is being defined as the creation of something for the purpose of discovery and analysis, and for communicating ideas to engage others in your work. Tools students will explore include, but are not limited to: future casting, fiction scenarios, theatrical sketches, storyboards, concept modeling, visualization and scenario planning. The intent of this course is to enhance the student's creative agility and their capacity to facilitate the development of innovative solutions through prototyping.

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