Georgia Tech is known for evolving minds to craft fitting solutions for real world problems. We pride ourselves in our ability to get over hurdles and around barriers. And rightfully so. Coincidentally, one of our greatest challenges is that we all too often solve problems with one-dimensional thinking. Enter IDC. We understand how to frame problems before we solve them. With an interdisciplinary approach to innovation and invention, we transcend boundaries and activate Design Behavior across our student body. We teach. We mentor. We craft. We build. We fail. We listen. We rebuild. We learn. We launch. We empathize. We ask. We care. We sharpen. We better. We persist.

Our Team

Wayne Li

IDC Director

Ray Vito

Mechanical Engineering

Wendy Newstetter

Biomedical Enginerring

Omar Rodriguez-Vila

Business - Marketing

Jeannette Yen


Lane Duncan


Ashok Goel

Interactive Computing

Jared Coury

Chemical Engineering

Blake Williford

Human Computer Interaction / Industrial Design



"I definitely encourage everyone to be in an interdisciplinary class at some point in their college career. It's fun, it's different, and it's an exciting environment to be in. " – Jasmine Burton, Wish for Wash, Safichoo Team
"I would've never dreamed that something like this would've happened from a class. I'm really thankful, it's given me new perspective. Going out into the real world, getting ready to graduate, and seeing that I can really make a difference with the skillset that I've gotten here." –Brandie Banner, Safichoo Team

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